Where are we located?
Our store is located at 921 Marcelo T. de Alvear street, Retiro, Capital Federal, Bs. As., Argentina.

Which are the schedules?
Our stores are open from Monday to Friday from 10 AM to 3 PM

How does the Luggage storage service work?
You must present the passport to enter the system.
We enter the amount and type of luggage.
We give you a receipt
And ready! upon returning presenting your passport we deliver your luggage.

How can I pay for the service?
We have all the means of payment available. PayPal, Mercadopago, Debit, Credit and Cash Cards.

Do I need a reservation to store my luggage?
You do not need, you can come to our premises without reservation and you can store your luggage anyway, but you can also make an online reservation to ensure that there is an unlocker or place for your luggage on the day of your arrival.

Is my luggage safe?
Yes! 100% Our luggage stores are under video surveillance 24 hours a day.

Okay, but what happens in the case of theft or damage?
As we mentioned, our deposits are 100% safe, but in the very remote case of theft or damage. All your luggage is insured.

  Address: Marcelo T Alvear 921 - Retiro
  Schedule: Monday to Friday from 10:00 AM TO 15:00 PM
  Phone: +54-11-64089510


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